Caleb Leadership Institute

Education Division

There are two separate, yet equally important, groups of leadership in the church. The first is pastoral leadership. The second group is the lay leaders of the church. Caleb Leadership Institute ministers to both groups separately. Therefore, there are two separate classes that follow the same basic guidelines, with emphasis on different areas to better fit the needs of the audience.

Vision Statement

To further equip and train leaders.  This educational ministry integrates the understanding of human dynamics and leadership development within the framework of an expositional study of Scripture. 

Objective Statement

To produce a church leader that can administrate and develop ministries, has an understanding of human dynamics, and can rightly divide the Word of Truth.


Caleb Leadership Institute serves God by serving those who are in Church Leadership, through a three chord integrated program of Biblical Theology, Psychology and Management/Leadership.


The objective of this strand is to challenge the student to study Scripture from an expository point of view.


Know yourself – How you think, feel, behave…
Know your people – How they think, feel, and behave…


The Body of Christ is demanding a higher level of integrity and creative vision from it’s leaders.

Focus of Instruction

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